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Monte Henderson is an up-and-coming talent that wields the kind of voice that is difficult to compare to any other. An educator by day, and creative artist by passion, Monte is looking forward to releasing his EP this June. “I am looking forward to listeners hearing my growth,” Monte tells me on our evening phone call. 


Monte doesn’t like to limit himself and he uses mistakes and failures to learn and grow as a musician and as a human. When asked about his music, he tells me that he aims to tell a story where he can “utilize opportunities to share the wisdom I see.” Not that this is easy for a self-proclaimed perfectionist like Monte, “I am taking it [ music] so seriously I want it to be perfect before I release, not allowing me to be as productive in producing and releasing, learning to let go of it and let it out to the world.”

Though he is an educator and his students tend to find his music, he tells me that they are not his target audience. “Millennials are my target audience,” Monte says over the phone. “Generationally, we have created a shared experience. I target millennials because they can relate to me. The things I write about are above my students’ experience.” Those things are subjects like dating, loneliness, and commonalities in life. 

“I am looking forward to listeners hearing my growth”

Monte Henderson

Originally a Christian artist, Monte admits that the genre is too restrictive for the music he wants to share with the world. “Being a Christian artist does not enable you to write authenticity. Things happen that don’t always fall within the perimeters of Christian music,” and Monte is drawn to writing music around those things that skirt those perimeters. He wishes to be free with his listeners and to open up about life–especially the messy parts. 

Dynamic and compassionate, Monte says that people seem too often misread him as arrogant or stuck up. “I am ambitious and I tend to come across as an introvert at first,” Monte explains when I ask him what people get wrong about him. “I am observant,” he continues, “It takes a little while for me to open up and to be my authentic self.”


Self-described as dynamic and diligent, Monte is working hard against his perfectionism to release his EP in June. Monte’s music can be listened to anywhere music can be streamed. “I want people to listen to my music,” Monte says before we end the call, “my work comes from my heart.” 

Follow and connect with Monte at linktr.ee/Monte.everyday

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