About Us

What is the purpose of Three Plus One Media?
Three Plus One Media aims to give voice to unique and varied perspectives with an emphasis on amplifying marginalized points of view.
During each live cast we explore politics, entertainment, culture, and social media trends.
Three Plus One Media exists to cross the lines of our multigenerational landscape. We dissect and delve deeply into the issues that impact Boomers and Zoomers, Xennials and Millenials- and on each steam, our listeners can depend on honest, unfiltered commentary that is unbossed, unbought, and unbothered.

Our Why
Three Plus One Media strives to create a digital space that highlights emerging voices and spotlights events and issues that impact Black and Brown communities.
We seek to achieve this by providing a platform for aspiring and rising talent from a variety of genres.
Additionally, we highlight the accomplishments of trailblazers who light the way forward for those aforementioned. 

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