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To Be, or Not To Be Stimulated

If you are wondering about a new stimulus, please read this!

I have seen a number of social media posts attacking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and I feel as though some people who are dissatisfied with her leadership may not fully know how hard she has worked to get a second stimulus passed or the realities of what a stimulus plan provides.

The stimulus plan is not simply a $1200 check. It is a plan to meet the needs of ALL Americans negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The needs of our nation are many and diverse after the federal government, under the leadership of President Trump and the Republican controlled Senate, failed to adequately respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

These needs include our citizens and our children and our unemployed and our businesses and our essential workers and our educators and our hospitals and… (the list goes on).

Note, the House passed a SECOND stimulus in May, under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi.

Note, the House presented this plan to the Senate on multiple occasions.

Note, they KEPT CUTTING and CUTTING and CUTTING to create a plan that both the White House and the Senate would approve.

Note, the Senate under McConnell WILL NOT PASS a plan from either the House or the White House before the election anyway.

I am at a loss for what more people want from Speaker Pelosi. I understand people need help. People need relief. My heartbreaks at the state of our nation but this is not the fault of Nancy Pelosi’s inaction. It is so easy to make this woman the enemy (especially when you look at Fox News or see Facebook Russian ads or sensitized click-bait).

This is a great article that shows each plan SIDE BY SIDE! Please read this!

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