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It Only Takes a Little Light to Illuminate Your Life

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It Only Takes a Little Light to Illuminate Your Life

There are thousands of podcasts seeking to enhance one’s life but few offer the authenticity, honesty, and vision of the Find Ya Light podcast.

Hosted by Aaron Taliaferro and Nakita Saxon, the Find Ya Light podcast seeks to share insights from the journey of life each man undertakes. On each episode, they shed light on individual and shared experiences that challenge us to grow as they feel, deal, and heal.

The push for positivity is made manifest in the Find Ya Light podcast.

Launched in the summer of 2020, this innovative media platform has created a space to manifest the life you want through affirmations and conversations.
Aaron and Nakita, friends and fraternity brothers, live in the Phoenix metro area, and both work in higher education.
What motivated both of you to start this podcast and why did you start it at this time?
Nakita: Through our individual journeys, whether through text messages or email communication, we have both found ways to share messages and lessons with our communities in the past. Quarantine provided the perfect landscape to slow down and focus intently on our inner work. I started writing daily affirmations and sending them to close friends. Aaron was hoping to create a platform to share some of the insights we were gaining and Find Ya Light was birthed!
Both of you have a career in higher ed and student development. What calls you to this field? What is your greatest passion point for you in this career choice?
Nakita: Even as a child, I have always been called to make an impact on others in the same way my path has been forever changed through the presence and guidance of others. As a first-generation college student, I arrived on campus without any knowledge of how to be successful or the resources available to assist me. College was a pivotal point in my journey and changed the trajectory of my life. My calling to this field stems from my desire to support young people through this transformational time in their lives. My greatest passion is cultivating the soil and planting seeds that take form in their careers, personal lives, etc. Some of my greatest successes are the students who come back semesters after our discussions to share how our interactions opened their perspective or helped them make a necessary change for their growth.
Aaron: The world of learning was my early escape from everything in my life that didn’t feel good.  I went to college out of state at age 19, excelled academically but was not able to afford to continue. I was both a first-generation college student and a first-generation high school graduate. I went back home to work and live life, all the while desiring to be in college. At age 24 I took a job at a bed and breakfast where the owner was a former administrator at the University of Michigan and he helped me to get back into school. By age 26 I was a full-time and so engaged student life through both actual paid work and involvement that my advisor guided me to a career in higher ed. My greatest passion is the reward of having a positive impact on many of my former students to the point that they reach back and share their successes, even inviting me to important life events such as their weddings.

Nakita, in the first episode you talk about manifesting. What exactly do you mean by manifesting and how do you use a part of manifestation in your life to maintain balance?
Nakita: I believe the things we focus on will appear in our lives. Manifest by definition means to “be clear or obvious to the eye or mind.” In my daily practices, I focus on manifesting the things I may need to be successful for the day. When I feel off-balanced, I pause to check in with myself to take an honest inventory of my current situation. For me, manifesting solutions requires meditation and belief that the answers will emerge.
Aaron, you are a poet and a writer. What are some things that you have created and how can people find this work? Who are some of the writers who motivate your work?

Aaron: Most of my writing is songs or poems, some of which I share occasionally at local open mics or showcases. There are some old videos of me sharing spoken word poetry on Facebook and maybe Instagram (I hope buried deep). However, I do plan to write and publish a book soon. Some of my early poetic influences are Paul Laurence Dunbar and Langston Hughes; and I love Diane Warren and Sebastian Kole, as songwriters.
On the podcast, the two of you discuss writing affirmations and setting intentions. How has writing affirmation/setting intentions helped you grow as a person and how have affirmations and intentions contributed to your journey towards healing?

Aaron: Writing and repeating affirmations have been the recharge I need throughout these trying times. They serve as a reminder to be patient, kind, and loving with myself. They challenge me to show up differently for the people around me, to be more supportive and less judgmental, ultimately creating healthier relationships for me.

Final question- Both of you… take a moment to reflect on your personal journey. What is one life lesson that you can share with our audience?
Aaron: One thing I know for certain is that if you don’t build trust with self you will always struggle to trust others. 

Nakita: Whenever I have the courage to go after my big dreams, all my needs are met. Fear can be limiting but courage liberates us. 

Connect and Listen to them at https://linktr.ee/findyalight

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