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Style is an Expression of Individual Identity and Truth and NeShanta Davis Has Enough to Spare

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Style is an Expression of Individual Identity and Truth and NeShanta Davis Has Enough to Spare

NeShanta Davis, entrepreneur and founder of both styleisshe.comdopewithoutlabels.com, and ND Style and Design, is an Air Force veteran turned fashion therapist who specializes in the art of healing through fashion and beauty.

She detailed her unique brand of style innovation for our Three Plus One community.


You share that the birth of your thrifting and style setting came from a childhood where funds were not readily available for the brands you wanted. How did these childhood experiences contribute to who you are today as an innovative entrepreneur?
When all you have is your creativity, you learn to tap into it and make it work in your favor. Because I didn’t want to be known as the girl wearing the old trends and off-brand clothes, I chose to wear vintage clothing that no one else would have. People would always ask where I shopped and of course I would lie because I didn’t want anyone knowing I wore second-hand clothes. But my style always stuck out in a good way, which led me to creating trends instead of following them! 
You identify yourself as a “dopeness innovator.” What exactly is a dopeness innovator and how does this title frame your personal brand?

A dopeness innovator is one that curates dope things. These things consist of content, style, interiors. Whatever I touch turns to dopeness! I pride myself on setting myself apart and making sure I put all of my creativity in everything I do. I think that is what has given me a leg up on my peers. I never waiver from my vision which has made my journey take a little longer but it is well worth the wait. 

You shared that you have been a thrift-shopper since 7th grade. How did your experiences in thrifting influence your personal style?
As crazy as it sounds, it’s a lot easier to create your personal style if you’re a thrifter. Think about it… if you go to the mall there are fully dressed mannequins everywhere that you can mimic. There are also trendy sales associates available to help you create looks. There are neither of those at the thrift store. You’re on your own to sift through the racks of clothes which forces you to tap into your creativity.  
Thrifting is rapidly increasing in popularity. Why is thrifting something that more people should consider and what is the key to scoring a good thrifting find?
If for no other reason, thrifting will prevent you from looking like every other person who shops at the mall. Not only does thrifting save money, it helps save the planet! It keeps unwanted things out of the landfills. The key to scoring the best items is to thrift often, be open-minded, be patient, and shop all departments. Also, don’t be afraid to travel outside of your neighborhood. 
Style is personal. What are three things you would tell someone seeking to discover their own style identity?
I teach my clients to learn to create your personal style and take your style personal. Your style should not be a reflection of what society deems fashionable. Learn to not follow trends so closely, dress for your body type and wear what makes your soul smile.


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