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Pursue Your Passion Today – Tomorrow Is Not Promised

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Pursue Your Passion Today – Tomorrow Is Not Promised

Born to parents who immigrated from Greece in the 70s, Georgio Takounakis is a content creator with a mission to not only entertain people but also inspire them, “I want to put a smile on people’s faces and also give them a little break from what life is throwing at us daily,” Georgio tells me via email. He shares with me that he leaned on creators during the lowest points in his life, and he would like to be there for others to do the same. 


Georgio tells me his sister, who would allow him to tag along on her photo shoots as a model when he was a little kid, is a big part of his past that influences his work. “That sparked something in me and my passion for beauty, fashion, and publicity began unfolding,” Georgio says. 

Currently cooking up his own reality series, Georgio is working hard to grow in his work. When I asked about his goals, Georgio writes  “I would like to create a streaming network for other creatives to showcase their work and talents.” Georgio also tells me that he would like to be known as someone who makes others feel good and puts smiles on their faces. Deeply inspired by Kevyn Aucoin and Paris Hilton, Georgio hopes to create a legacy, “I hope to create a legacy in my lifetime. I want a TV Streaming Network that delivers content and entertains people as well as tells different stories. I want to be known for my love of Reality TV, Fashion obsession and production.”

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Like many others, Georgio suffered tragedy during the pandemic, when he lost his father. Georgio shares what it was like after his father passed, “Losing my dad at the height of the pandemic shook me to my core. I stopped creating, living and just stayed in a dark hole.” For a year, he struggled to create content and enjoy his life until he and his partner went to dinner on the anniversary of his father’s death. 

While at dinner, Georgio and his partner were forced to hide under a table when a gunman began to shoot up the restaurant. “In that moment – I said “Dad – if I get out of here alive, I will do whatever my passion pushes me towards, no more sitting in a void” Once I stepped out of there I knew I couldn’t waste another day/s on being sad,” Georgio explains. Georgio implores others who experience hardships, “​​Life is short – post that content!”

Though life is messy and complicated, Georgio feels like he is in good hands, “​​I believe my dad is my spirit guide and protector and is very proud of the man I am becoming.”

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